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50/30 Go Dau Street, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
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TAMEPCO is the Tan Phu Mechanical Electrical Power Joint Stock Company.
TAMEPCO JSC is located in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam.
TAMEPCO JSC is professional manufacturer of supporting-industrial.
We specialize in accessories of electrical connection, grounding and lightning protection, support and holder fixed cable systems.
TAMEPCO JSC‘ products trademark TMP.

  • Copper cable lugs and connectors - Class V
  • Copper cable lugs and connectors - Class N
  • Tinned copper lugs used for compacted copper cable - Class H
  • Tinned - copper busbar and links
  • Insulated terminals and sleeves
  • Aluminum cable lugs, bimetal Al - Cu lugs
  • Flexible copper cable bridge, copper braid wire, constant force roll spring
  • Grounding rod and copper earthbars
  • Copper clamps and conductor supports
TMP products adapted the standards in domestic and international such as TCVN, TCXD, BS, DIN, JIS, IEC, IMO. Our service, support, delivery, innovation and developing all lead to customer satisfaction, to become the Vietnam reliable partner.

 Project participants

 What makes us different

  • TAMEPCO consistently provide best products and services with competitive price to satisfy needs of customers.
  • TAMEPCO always get every word good evaluation of customers for products and services offered.
  • "Always accompany the customer" is the business philosophy of the company. We promise that there will be "Your Trusted Partner"

 Core value

  • Focus on customers.
  • Embrace growth and productivity through Inovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Communicate openly and demonstrate integrity in all our activities.